Pokemon X and Y Roms For PC

Pokemon X and Y Roms Download For Free

I have waited TOO LONG for these games to come out (no doubt you have as well). That long in fact, that sadly I sold my 3DS because I didnt have any games worth playing or completing again. Luckily, I found a 3DS emulator for the PC in which I could download all of the 3ds games that I wanted and play them on my laptop.

Pokemon X and Y roms

Yesterday, I found both Pokemon X and Y roms to use on my emulator, and since im such a nice guy, I thought I would share them with everyone

Pokemon X Rom Download

pokemon X rom

First up, is the Pokemon X Rom Download:

pokemon X rom download

To download the pokemon x rom, click the download button below:


Pokemon Y Rom Download

Pokemon Y rom

Finally, we have the Pokemon Y Rom for you to download:

Pokemon Y rom download

To download the Pokemon Y Rom, click the download button below:




Please Note: Both Files come complete with the emulator in which you need to run these Pokemon x & y roms. The files are hosted on popular file site, ‘Mediafire’ using a premium account. They are 100% free to download, although you may be asked to verify that you are an actual human being (and not a spam bot or auto downloader). Sorry if this is an inconvinience, but this ensures that the file stays uploaded and does not have to be removed at any time. If it is removed, you wont get to download these pokemon x and y roms

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